DIY Heart & Clef Wire Ring

After the DIY Hair Crown I had a lot of wire left which was already gathering dust and so I thought about a way to use it – That’s how today these cute wire rings emerged and as my sister was so delighted with them, I decided to share them with you! I created a heart and a treble clef wire ring because these symblos have a special meaning to me- and in this post you will see how to diy both.

To make your own heart or clef wire ring you’ll need: zippers & wire

At first you have to form a loop with the zippers, which will be the left half of your heart.

Then you form the peak of your heart and with the end of that wire your create the right half of your heart ring!

Now you put on the ring and mark how big it should be, so that it perfectly fits to your finger.

After that you fix the end of the wire in the right length and cut the overhanging strand. Then you twist the wire together, so the ends doesn’t hurt you while putting the ring on your finger! And ready is your Heart Wire Ring ๐Ÿ™‚

Now to the diy-tutorial of the treble clef wire ring:

In the begining you also have to make a loop into the wire, but mind to leave one end of the wire totally straight.

Then you twist the ending of the wire of your loop around the straight part, so that it later doesn’t deform.

Then you form such a bow on the left side and twist it again around the straigth part of the wire.

With the ending you created the loop and the bow with, you now form the ring, and, as in the tutorial of the heart wire ring customize, it with your finger. This part of the wire you now twist around the bow of your clef and fix it. The end of your straight wire now curl up to a hook – and you have your DIY Clef Wire Ring!

I hope you liked the tutorial and are now inspired to make a Heart or Clef wire ring on your own – of course you can also try to make many other wire rings – these were just my favorite symbols!

PS: This isn’t only a very simple and easy diy-jewerly, it is also a very sweet present to your friend or family ๐Ÿ˜‰

xo. Marie


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