DIY Hair Crown

Some weeks ago I posted about different types of hair crowns – and one of them didn’t get out of my mind:


And I was thinking and searching for ideas of how I could create one similiar hair crown on my own. Today I finally made one, so here is the tutorial 🙂

You’ll need: wire, nippers, aluminium foil, scissors and paint markers in gold and bronze



At first you have to lay the wire around your head so you have a vaguely idea of how big the circle of your hair crown has to be.


Then you fixate one end of the wire on the circle and begin to weave the rest of the wire along the circle so it looks like this:



Then you repeat this step so that your crown exists of three rows of wire.


After that you take the aluminium foil and paint some parts gold and bronze with the paint markers.


Now you either cut or snap off parts of the aluminium foil and press it on the the wire crown. You have to use the normal aluminium foil variantly with the bronze and golden parts. Look to it that your aluminium foil parts look like small leaves when you put them on the wire. That’s a bit arduous, so take your time.




So you have your own wire hair crown – it looks good to open hair, but it also transforms a ponytail into something special 🙂



Thank you for reading and have fun while creating! xo.


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