How to Organise your Autumn Wardrobe

Today I want to present you the first guest blogger on Ever After: Sarah – she is a britisch fashion blogger and illustrator from Brighton running the blog Sarah Loves, where she features her personal style, hair and beauty inspiration, street style and looks from the catwalk. In this post she will give you tips of how to rehab your closet for autumn – like removing the summer dresses and how to arrange your clothes beneficial in your closet –  and if you like it, you can follow her on Twitter – @sarahlovesblog

Enjoy it 🙂

With autumn fast approaching your wardrobe is going to adapt and change from the floaty, skimpy summer dresses of the past season. I have formulated some great tips of how to streamline and organize your wardrobe so that deciding what to wear in the mornings will be easier and less of a hassle.

Remove the un-wearable. Place all your summery dresses and short hot weather shorts into storage. I keep mine in a suitcase I keep under the bed. If it doesn’t look good with thick tights and other wintery accessories then the likelihood is you won’t be able to wear it for the next 7 months. Light, sleeveless tops are usually okay as you can layer them and wear them on nights out when you will get really hot and will be thankful for the breathability factor.

Go through your remaining autumn wardrobe with a fine tooth comb. Is there anything that does not fit anymore? Is it beyond repair? Have you not worn it for a few good years? Have you fallen out of love with it? If this is the case put all of those items into an eBay or charity shop pile. I always take my unwanted old clothes to a charity shop as they really need them and it feels good to know you are doing your part for charity.

Hang, fold and tidy. If you have the space, hang everything in your wardrobe. It makes viewing and organizing your wardrobe easier and clothes always look nice hung. If you don’t have the space jeans look nice and neat folded, as do thick shorts, jersey and knitwear. Don’t fold anything that can crease if you can help it. Ideally keep your folded items in categories. I have denim jeans piled light to dark with coloured and patterned jeans in a separate pile.

Organize. I keep all my hanging items in my wardrobe in colour blocks so all my black clothes are together next to the grey next to the white etc. This way it is pleasing to the eye when it comes to opening up your wardrobe, it makes deciding what to wear and colour combining much easier. I split up all my patterned items next to block colours. A floral red top sits nicely next to block cherry high waisted shorts and a burgundy jumper.

Display accessories. Hat, gloves and scarves are all must have accessories in the cooler months. To help you pick what items to wear with your outfit have them all displayed and easy to view. If you have the space a coat stand is a great way to hang wooly scarves and handbags. You can display hats by perching them on the end of hooks. Alternatives are a row of hooks on the wall or keeping them in old fashioned suitcases and wicker baskets.

Thank you Sarah for your guest post!

What are your tips and tricks of preparing your wardrobe for the season changing? x


2 thoughts on “How to Organise your Autumn Wardrobe

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  2. this is what I need to do today – though I’m really not looking forward to it! I have a tiny apartment so the suitcase under the bed is a great place for storage!


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