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Trip to Manchester – Impressions

A month ago or so I have been to Manchester and I don’t know how long this was on my to-do-list, but I always wanted to share my impression of this trip with you. It just never seemed to be the right time – but since I’m ill now and can’t do much anyway I think it is time to show you my snapshots of the exciting city Manchester.

the beautiful and impressive Manchester Cathedral

most delicious cinnamon rolls I ever ate in my whole life! ((recommended;))

Manchester Art Gallery: amazing dress – probably uncomfortable to wear, but definetly an eyecatcher 😉

the river Irwell – boundary between Manchester and Salford

best hot chocolate in whole Manchester -but you have to stand in queue for a loong time!

I truely loved Manchester and tis won’t be my last trip to Manchester, or the UK in general! I don’t know if you ever been to Manchester, but yo defintely have to should go there – It is not only an industrial town playing good soccer anymore – it’s a beautiful, typical british town with a lot to see and visit (and you also can enjoy a brisk nightlife with great music)! Oh by the way, Manchester has also a very impressive fashion scene, it was really inspriring going shopping there – as they have so many cute vintags shops to offer, and to all of you who don’t like vintage, you can also find big shopping streets & centre with everything the heart desires.

Have you ever been to Manchester – what do you think about it, are you also so fascinated?

Yours, Mary x


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