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A kingdom for a walk-in closet

I remember I was really young when I saw the movie Clueless for the first time. I didn’t remember a lot of the film, but I couldn’t get the turning closet out of my head. I had never seen so many beautiful clothes in such a big closet. And then the computer telling her which outfit would match and which not.. So it’s no suprising that since that day I swore that if I would ever have an own apartment I would definetly have my own walk-in closet – no matter how big or small, just a separate room for all my stuff.

This dream just grew bigger everytime I saw a wonderful walk-in closet in the movies or in magazines. Especially the one of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City (maybe the most popular and wanted one ;)) played a big part in contributing to let me never forget that wish.

And now it is Blair Waldorf’s closet from Gossip Girl letting my heart beat faster and my knees turn to jelly, but lately I realized something really important: it’s no use to have a big amazing walk-in closet if you don’t have enough stunning clothes to fill it with – so before materialzing my dream I have to shop a lot .. well I can’t assert the idea bothers me!

Thank you for reading! xo.



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