My Five Dream Men

After a friend of mine visited my blog, she complained to me that I havn’t written a really personal post, containing some of my personality traits, so far. And as I’m a really romantic person (I can proudly disclose that I have seen nearly every good romantic movie) and I’m so stressed by all of these exams before the start of my vacations – I thought, what could be a better distraction than to list you my five favorite men in the world?! So in this post I will share with you my strongest rhapsodies. It would be really interesting how you think about them, if you agree or not and who would be on your list!? 😉

1. Orlando Bloom

I still remember seeing him for the first time in Lord of the Rings, where he jumps down from his horse and flips his long blonde hair over his shoulder. I think I was eight at this time (yeah I know quite young for LotR) and I immediatly fell in love. And since this timea huge poster of him hangs on my door, although now he’s married and father of a son. But you know, hope dies last!

2. Prince Harry

Some may think that this is a strange crush, but taking into consideration that I’m still loving Disney movies and believe in Prince Charming on his white horse, you will understand why I can’t resist Prince Harry. Moreover he is british with such an impish charme and a rebellious streak, that even if he wouldn’t be prince, I would be drawn to him.

3. Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick plays the Chuck Bass in the Gossip Girl Series. So what more can I say? I adore Ed Westwick because he plays Chuck Bass. And Chuck Bass is the epitome of the bad boy our mother always warned us about, but honestly – who can resist a guy, who is dressed so stylish?

4. Alexander Skarsgård

The first time I saw Alexander Skarsgård was in the first season of the True Blood. There he had long hair and I unfortunately didn’t really noticed him. But after his hair cut in season 2 – in combination with his bad attitude and his courting of Sookie – I really, really love him and couldn’t await their first kiss. So yeah I’m definetly Team Eric! 😉

5. Philipp Poisel

You may not know him, but Philipp Poisel is the only man on earth I would marry just because of his voice. He’s a german singer and writes such sentimental music, that I’m often crying while hearing his songs. The climax of our ‘relationship’ was on his concert in may this year – I never saw someone performing so cute, authentic and expressive, that was really the best concert I ever visited! So if you havn’t heard any of his songs yet, you should catch up on.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it 😉


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