DIY Baroque D&G Earrings

As you could see in this post I got lately inspired by the beautiful baroque looking D&G Earrings. I love history, not only the school subject, but also historical films and movies. One of my favorite historical personalities is of course Marie Antoinette, not only because of her great style – I also have a predilection for tragic stories. That was the reason for me to work on this diy tutorial the past weeks and after having so bare freetime (just one week and then finally vacation starts :D) I just completed my own version today:

What you need:

plasticine (in red and another colour), liquid glue, pasteboard, a gold paint marker, 6 head pins, 2 ear studs, 4 pearls, 2 beads and nippers

At first you have to make roses out of the plasticine. That’s quite easy, you only have to form your red modelling clay into 5-6 balls, which you then flatten. After that you curl up the smallest flat red piece, so it looks like a mini rose and just add the other peaces around it.

Now you have to cover the roses with the glue, so they won’t deform while using them. Wait until they are dry.

Then you take the other plasticine and try to create a golden form, like the one in the original.

When you are satisfied with your version, you have to transfer your form to the pasteboard, cut it out and fix your plasticine form on it. Then you also cover the whole form with glue, so you can paint it all golden with the paint marker (but the glue has to be really dry, otherwise you won’t be able to use the marker).

Now you puncture one head pin through the rose and the golden form. Normally this should be solid, but if you have the feeling it isn’t enough, just add glue one the head pin before puncturing it.

Hereafter you thread the pearls and bead on the other head pins and also puncture them into your form (the bead in the middle, the pearls on the sides). Therefore you sometimes have to cut the head pins with your nippers, so they’re shorter.

And now you just have to fix the ear stud on the behind of the rose- and you have your own baroque D&G Earrings 🙂

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! xo.

PS: after this post I’m feeling highly inspired to show you all my favorite historical fashion heroines .. I think I begin with Marie Antoinette! 😉


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