DIY Braided Bracelet

I truly admire bracelets. Despite earrings they are my favorite jewelry I think. And I love wearing a lot of them in different colours and stils, but I always take care that it aren’t too much and that I have a harmonic arm party 🙂

Most of the time I wear my selfmade bracelets, because I really like the idea that they are special and often took up some time to do them! So in this diy post I will show you how to make a wonderful braided bracelet.

What you need:

threads in two different colours, a button

Now you have to make a loop into the red thread and interlace the violet thread with it. Therefore you just have to follow the steps you can see one the pictures below. This should be really easy because the steps are quite detailed portrayed, so I don’t have to comment much more. But if anything is unclear- just ask 🙂

When your near to the end of the threads you have to make a knot with the violet garn around the red one. Then you fix the button with the loose ends of your threads – it works as the fastener of your bracelet.

And there it is: your braided bracelet! I think this is a really simple, but sweet tutorial, so it would be a great pastime or little present to someone.

Tip: You can also use different colours of your threads, so you create a special pattern while braiding 😉

Thank you for reading, and Good Luck! 🙂 xo.


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