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Hearts And Roses – Jewelry Inspiration

Maria-Francesca-Pepe-Autumn-Winter-2012-lookbook-15-600x799Maria-Francesca-Pepe-Autumn-Winter-2012-lookbook-12-600x799Maria-Francesca-Pepe-Autumn-Winter-2012-lookbook-01-600x799   Maria-Francesca-Pepe-Autumn-Winter-2012-lookbook-06-600x799 Maria-Francesca-Pepe-Autumn-Winter-2012-lookbook-10-600x450 Maria-Francesca-Pepe-Autumn-Winter-2012-lookbook-13-600x800 Maria-Francesca-Pepe-Autumn-Winter-2012-lookbook-04-600x799 Maria-Francesca-Pepe-Autumn-Winter-2012-lookbook-09-600x799  Maria-Francesca-Pepe-Autumn-Winter-2012-lookbook-00-600x749 Maria-Francesca-Pepe-Autumn-Winter-2012-lookbook-02-600x749


I’m absolutely stunned by this Fall and Winter Collection 2012 of Maria Francesca Pepe!! The jewelry looks so amazing. For me it seems to be like a play between wickedness and innocence. On one hand you have the cool silver elements like chains combined with black leather and cross items, while on the other hand you see this warm gold jewelries ornamented with gemstones and pink hearts – all framed by roses.

It’s just so beautiful, what woud I give to call one of these objects mine.. but well at least some of the necklaces and rings look like they could be a nice challenge do diy! 😉


2 thoughts on “Hearts And Roses – Jewelry Inspiration

  1. I have been looking for jewelry inspiration myself too! It seemed that all the accessories I’ve done, I have ones that are darker with the use of black, silver, studs and the other ones are mostly done with softer colors like creme, beige, pink and florals.

    This is an amazing inspiration. So I’m guessing studs are in for fall right?

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