DIY Hardware Jewelry

As you could see in my post about my DIY Cross Earrings I’m currently really attracted to hardware jewelry, you can easily make of tool elements you already have at home. That’s also the point I always set my priority on while creating diy-tutorials. Because if I’m really ownest I don’t want to spend so much time & money on buying things I need for a project. I’m more the practical type, so when I don’t have an element I need at home – then I have to help myself with something else!

You can also see that on the tutorial I wan to share with you today. I created this hardware earrings on the birthday of my younger sister where I was responsible for teaching the girls in jewelry making. And when I went down in cellar to search for more nippers I found those hinges – and exactly in this moment I knew what I wanted to do with them! So here is the result :

Hardware Earrings

Needed: 2 hinges, 6 head pins, 2 ear wires, nippes and pearls – even some nuts, if you want to

At first you arrange the pearls and nuts on your head pins. Then you create a loop with the nippers on the end of the head pins and stick them to the holes of the hinge!

Hardware Jewelry  Hardware Earrings

Now you just have to add the ear wires to the top hole of the hinge – and you have your own hardware jewelry! 🙂

Hardware Earrings

At first I wasn’t sure if I should post this, but I got so much attention with this earrings and a lot of people were interested and asked me how  to do these earrings, that I decided they would be worth posting!

Good luck with creating! xo.



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