Black Cherrytart

I love every kind of cake, especially when it’s a pie. So after eating this lovely Black Cherrytart a couple of times when my friend brought it to school, I desperately wanted to know how do bake it on my own. I have to confess that I’m not really goot at all those things belonging to kitchen work – particularly not when it comes to bake something (my cakes mostly end up in a small, crippled and stone-hard version of the model). But this time it was different – so today I can present you a very fluffy, chocaletly, juicy and delicious Black Cerrytart – and its recipe, so you can experience this culinary delight as well!

What you need: 250g suggar, 125g margarine or butter, 4 eggs, 125g flour, 125g hazelnuts, 100g chocolate (grated), 1ts cinnamon, 2ts baking powder and 2 jars of cherries

Mix all ingredients together, expect for the cherries, and make them into batter. The ready batter fill into a greased backing dish, fold in the cherries and arrange everything good. Now put it into the oven and bake it for about an hour at a temperature of 170-200°C!

Good speed! The little work is worth the yummy result 🙂 xo.


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