DIY Cross Earrings

As you could see yesterday I’m totally obsessed with cross earrings at the moment. After that post I was thinking and thinking about how I could create a pair by myself. I didn’t want to have small ones, I wanted to make some statement earrings. But my problem was, where the hell should I get something to create it on a sunday morning?! So it had to be something I actually already had at home. Well of course I have my little jewellry-building-case, but it mostly consists of pearls – and I wanted a simple, silver cross. Then I remembered that I had seen an article about hardware jewelry in one of the british magazines I brought from my trip to Manchester. And the penny dropped- I went to my daddy’s tool-table and got two big nails, two small nails, wire, nippers and two ear wires.



As you can see it’s very simple- you just have to arrange both nails so it looks like a cross and than fix it with the wire.

After that you tie the wire up to the end of the nail, where you add a loop to link it with the ear wire.

And then you have it – your own cross earrings, with just using nails and wire 🙂

Omg, I think they are just amazing. Exactly the way I wanted them to look like. I can’t wait to wear them!!

Thanks for reading. xo


3 thoughts on “DIY Cross Earrings

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