DIY Scarab Beetle Earrings

Roberto CavalliWhile reading an interview with William Tempest in the october issue of the british InStyle, I got captivated by the rediscovered Art Deco theme: scarab beetles. The designer said, that for his Twenties-inspired collection for River Island he got captured by this little lucky charms because at this time the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered and initiated a fascination with Egypt.

So I tried my own version of those Roberto Cavalli Scarab Beetle earrings, you can easily do by yourself! You just need two head pins, two ear wires, nippers and a scarab beetle pearl – plus other pearls, if you like to.

Now you just have to arrange the pearls on the head pin, the way you want them to look like. Then you flex the end of your head pin to a loop and link it with the ear wire. And ready it is! xo.

image: Roberto Cavalli scarab beetle clip earrings via net-a-porter


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