5 Vintage Pearls

I love to buy vintage clothes, but unfortunately there aren’t many in my neighbourhood! So I searched for good online shops (to spend my money on :P) and found these amazing examples:

1. Zou Zou Vintage

Spiked Chain Double Ring

Zoe Vintage is a cute german vintage online shop where you can get everything – from Joop to Armani – but allways fashion with history to be told! And they also have a cute variety of jewelry.

2. What Goes Around Comes Around

Chanel Coco Pony Hair

This is the online version of the american stores in NYC and Los Angeles! It hasn’t only a beautiful layout, but it’s equipement is also such impressive that many magazines use it for their fashion campagnes!

3. Claire Incorruptible

Moschino Little Black Mesh Bow Dress

Claire Incorruptible is an australian shop offering all the fashion items making a girl’s heart beat fast. They have a big selection of designers – with accessible prices!

4. Bows and Bandits
Black Suede and Patent Detail Leather Ankle Boots

This is an austrian online shop selling besides traditional clothes also wonderful second hand fashion. All items are presented in a very appealing way, so that you will enjoy browsing there!

5. Bitching and Junkfood

Remade Net Fringe Crop Top

Marion and Kath have a Studio in the east of London where they are collecting vintage treasures, which they sell in the online shop! You can find there labels such as Cheap Monday or Neurotica, but also buy their own designs.

I hope you will like them as much as I do and have fun while browsing! 🙂



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