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My one and only

Today I want to show you my favorite bag. It’s from MCM and I got it last year as a kind of heirloom.

I still can remember how excited and happy I was when I knew that I could call this wonderful thing my own. Like those little girls waiting for santa to bring them their favorite doll 🙂 You have to know that I have a huge obession with bags, which is maybe as intensive as the relationship of many women with their shoes. Everytime I go shopping and I see a beautiful bag .. I just can’t go away without buying it haha – at my last shopping trip my friend even had to pull me away with the warning I would have enough bags..

(Last month I imposed a bag-buying-forbiddance on me, cause I don’t have any storage space anymore …  but well, I don’t know if it will last long ;))

So here’s it is:

I definetly should wear it quite more often than I actually do 🙂


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