DIY book clutch – Olympia Le-Tan

DIY – book clutch

BOOK CLUTCH – Emily Dickinson

Since I first saw a picture of someone carrying a clutch by Olympia Le-Tan, I allways wanted to do one of my own because for a bookworm as me, I can’t imagine anything more wonderful than combining a bag with a book 😉

So I finally started doing my own and thought of sharing it with you.

What you need:

– a book (but don’t choose your favorite book, so you will not feel sad while destroying it – I took one by Karl May, a famous german writer, whose book was just covered with dust)
– a cutter knife
– glue
– scissors
– needle and yarn
– some fabric
– a pearl
– the carabiner closing of a necklace

At first you have to glue the pages of your book and wait until they are dry. Then you mark the quad, you want to cut out to put your things into, on the first page and use the cutter knife to pull out the paper inside your mark.
This is kind of difficult and takes a lot of time  –

When your book looks like this, you have to glue it again, even inside and wait until it is dry.
Then you take your fabric and fill the absorption of your clutch with it and put the fabric around the whole pages – to get this:

The excresent fabric you can turn to the inside and glue it as well!
After that you wait again, so that everything is dry and the fabric perfectly adapted the pages.

Now you work on the closing of your clutch. Therefore I used a wondeful pearl, where I fixed a eyelet.
You have to sew the pearl with the eyelet through the pages. Afterwards you sew the carabiner closing on the first page of the book, so that it fits exactly into the eyelet of the pearl.

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

Now you just have to decorate the book cover, if you like to ( I only added some rhinestones)
– and your own Olympia Le-Tan BOOK CLUTCH is ready to go out!

So I hope you liked the tutorial and will soon create your own book clutch – I can recommend it 🙂



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