DIY – earring with chain


After I saw a friend of mine wearing an earring with a chain – I knew I had to do one of my own! So I searched in my jewel case and striked it rich…

This is a very easy diy-tutorial and you only need things you probably already have at home – moreover it only took me 15 minutes, so it’s a nice pastime 🙂

What you need:

– a stud

– a chain

– some eyelets

– a small creol

. nippers (take a look at the picture)

– some decoration elements



At first you have to add an eyelet to your stud and string the chain on it.


Now you take the creol and string the chain on it as well, so it hangs in two different lengths.



Then you cut the stud of the creol with a nipper and put a closure on it.



After that you just have to add your decoration elements – and your earring with chain is done!


Have fun with it 🙂 xxx, Marie


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